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No API. If you use RescueTime and watch Netflix on a desktop computer, you can track this and categorise it as “distracting time” (assuming your job isn’t Netflix Beta Tester or something).

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Created 14 March 2016 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Not possible/Seek alternatives 13 September 2016

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    Why Not possible ?

    06 February 2017
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    Fred, Netflix doesn’t have a public API we can use, so we have no way to access your Netflix data and sync it with Exist. If you know of another TV show tracking app that does have a public API, feel free to create a new suggestion for it. But we need to be able to connect to a service with an API in order to sync your TV time.

    08 February 2017
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    Use RescueTime now to track time spent watching Netflix.

    30 March 2018
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    How about a integration? It allows you to track Netflix, amongst other media platforms.

    27 April 2018
  • 27 April 2018