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Multiple mood entries per day

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Under consideration 06 November 2016

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    Josh Sharp

    Like custom tracking, this one requires architectural rejiggering and so while it will happen because we want to do it, it’s still a while off.

    19 December 2015
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    Richard E. Ward

    This would be very, very useful.

    19 March 2016
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    very important, key moments are:

    after wake-up before lunch mid afternoon after work before sleep

    would not track more than 2 at a time, depending on the intended outcome I’d choose the timeslot

    06 June 2016
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    Ioana Marinescu

    I agree that this is useful, and I would add that it would be useful to keep a separate “overall” category to rate a day, and then have separate ratings by moment. For example, I noticed that the things that happen towards the end of the day tend to have a large influence on the overall day rating that I do at night. Further, research shows that the morning mood is an important factor in productivity: it would be nice to see if this is true for individual users.

    18 September 2016
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    i like the idea of some “default” time of days but with customization options

    06 November 2016
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    Adam Breen

    This idea is actually how I found Exist… because I wanted a way to track my mood over time, with tags. Particularly, I would like to record how I’m feeling at the beginning of each day, because I think there will be some important trends in that data, related to motivation and mental health — eg. “what gets you out of bed in the morning?”. Also, I have a hypothesis about “Monday Morning” syndrome that I’d like to test.

    09 January 2017
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    Richard Anderson

    I’ll vote for this as well. I’m using a standalone app called iMoodJournal to bug me thrice a day for my mood. Being able to have one app for everything is better, in my book.

    12 January 2017
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    Tony Tkach

    I manually track mental health and physical health - I know this is beyond the scope of this consideration, but I’m just throwing it out there as an idea.

    27 January 2017
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    Katya Tsaioun

    I am a nutritionist and it is important for me to track what my patients are experiencing multiple times during the day to understand what triggers their food choices

    10 February 2017
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    I would also like a larger scale (1-10 if possible) as many of the other mood apps use

    29 June 2017
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    Josh Sharp

    Changing the mood scale would be a big hassle, probably disproportionate to the benefit received. There are pros and cons to both approaches but we value the simplicity of 1-5.

    30 June 2017
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    I really need a lifestyle/health tracking app that measures my moods at various times of the day. My mood affects and is affected by sleep, work, exercise, food, social activity, etc. And I’d like to suggest a compromise on the mood scale. I agree with Joan’s comment on June 29 that a larger scale would be very useful. Those 1-5 things are almost useless for someone seriously trying to track their moods. But if 1-10 is a big hassle, could you make it 1-7? From my experience, that would help quite a bit.

    20 October 2017
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    Josh Sharp

    Any change to the scale would be the same amount of hassle 😊

    20 October 2017
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    Chris Butler

    Makes sense that changes here are difficult to make, especially when you start thinking about how historical data would be affected… But I really think that having this functionality is a game-changer, and makes Exist more appealing for people that are using other apps to handle it right now

    17 December 2017
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    Carlos Nomegusta

    Would be great to enter mood multiple times per day and on demand since mood can change a lot during the day, also would be wonderful if you could make the range of evaluation 1 to 7 (or user defined) for better evaluation.

    11 March
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    R M

    multiple moods per day more accurately reflects the day and the insights we read. e.g. in one day I may be angry about work and happy about family - and overall rate the day a 2 b/c of work being so bad but in the trend data it shows that family comes up associated with the 2 when actually family should be the 4 work should be the 2

    could just use a simple average for each day to get the overall mood for the day

    but at least for the insights of what drives each mood rating from the notes, the notes will be more accurately associated with the ratings

    30 March
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    Have you looked into integrating with MoodTrek (which is owned by Cerner, so who knows what kind of infrastructure it might use)? MoodTrek also uses a 1-5 scale, and it would be AWESOME to import the day’s average of all moods recorded. I’m basically doing this when I record my mood in Exist. Even better would be to be able to import or track mood at the time recorded.

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    Belle B. Cooper

    Unfortunately MoodTrek doesn’t offer an API, so there’s no way for us to get to that data. Feel free to suggest to the MoodTrek developers that they offer a public API or integrate with ours (http://developer.exist.io).