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Mindful sessions from Apple Health

AKA meditation minutes or mindful minutes

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Created 11 October 2016 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Under consideration 05 November 2016

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    Chris Peltz

    Can’t wait for this feature! Thanks for working on it.

    26 October 2016
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    Stuart Murray

    Given the increasing focus on mental health, this should be a priority.

    28 February
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    Scott Lafferty

    Would something similar be possible from Google Fit, or Fitbit?

    03 March
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    Belle B. Cooper

    Scott, you can vote for meditation time from Google Fit here: https://changemap.co/hellocode/exist/task/1608-meditation-time-from-google-fit/

    And meditation time from Fitbit here: https://changemap.co/hellocode/exist/task/1653-meditation-time-from-fitbit/

    07 March
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    Ed F

    this is going to be major for me keeping a subscription. Mindfulness is probably a major influencer of mood along with exercise. If I can’t monitor this my reason for keeping going with exist is pretty low.

    08 May
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    Alexandre Jesus

    This would be a good thing - because I would like to know how my meditation practice is changing my mood and my productivity

    06 July
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    Josh Sharp

    If you’re looking to just track days you meditated rather than length, this is another that will be covered by tracking “meditation” as a tag in custom tracking.

    06 July
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    Chris M.

    Understanding the impact of meditation on all the other things I am tracking would be a wonderfully valuable feature!

    07 July
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    Ben Chinn

    I’m with Ed F on this one: really want to be able to correlate mindfulness practice with mood in a more reliable, automated way.

    06 August
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    Anthony Gauna

    I tried Exist a while back and left. But after the implementation of tags, I think I’ll be sticking around. However, I would love this implementation so that I can also track the length of my meditation instead of just using a tag.

    14 August
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    Rai-mon Nemar Barnes

    While I get I can use meditation as a tag, I use meditation apps that work with HealthKit. So the data is just sitting there and it’s accurate. Seems like a shame for it to not get used in correlations or for it to be missed if I don’t remember to check it.

    24 September
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    Jack Riminton

    This is so essential

    10 October
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    Collin Donnell

    Can’t wait for this. Being able to correlate the actual amount of time I spend meditating – instead of just as a yes/no tag – to other parts of my mental and physical well-being would be so interesting.

    10 October
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    Alex Lennon

    Big thing for me too. Anything I can do to help (coding / testing) just let me know…


    11 October
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    Ben Morrow


    20 October