Menstrual flow/period tracking from Apple Health

Apple Health can import this data from certain other period trackers that sync with it. There’s other related data available in Apple Health, such as basal body temperature, but this is a specific suggestion for tracking light/medium/heavy menstrual flow via Apple Health. Please vote for this if it would be useful to you.

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Created 08 December 2016 by Belle B. Cooper

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    I would be especially interested in this if it includes spotting as well as actual flow levels. Most of the reason I use Clue (which I send to to Apple Health) is to track between-period spotting and cramps (I’m on an extended-cycle BC pill). I’m definitely interested in seeing the correlations for that. It doesn’t seem like Apple Health has a field for cramps, but I’d appreciate that being added as an available attribute in Exist so I could work with it in the API.

    26 December 2016
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    Erika Rose

    I also use Clue. it would be interesting to see how this influences my productivity. or be able to plan ahead more.

    07 January 2017
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    Diedre Braverman

    I use Period Tracker, and it captures data on symptoms or discomforts, and level of flow.

    14 January 2017
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    Lily Monster

    Also use clue!

    15 March