Probably the best time tracking app on the Mac. Even manually importing an export-file would be awesome!

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Suggested 11 August 2017 by user Lukas Kawerau

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    Has CSV export only which is a pain. I’ll leave it here so we can gauge how popular it is though.

    12 August 2017
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    Hi Josh, I’m the developer of the app: there’s JSON export too. We can a special export mode for Exist if it can help.

    13 June 2018
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    That would help! However anything that requires regular manual effort from users is not a great experience — the best solution would be Qbserve directly sending that json to our API. Would you be up for that sort of direct integration? Feel free to email us to discuss if you like.

    14 June 2018
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    I can’t find an AppleScript dictionary for Qbserve, but if you have/can make a way to export the user’s data from Qbserve using AppleScript, that would enable a local cron on the user’s computer to send that data to Exist. (I know you don’t have any server component, so this approach might be more feasible for you?)

    13 December 2019