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Major web app redesign

This one has been long due, but it’s tricky to prioritise redesigns amid the hectic scramble to add new features, integrations, and keep the mobile apps up to date. It’s hard to keep everyone happy. Nonetheless, sometime soon we’ll need to step back and take a long look at how to make the web app more helpful and useful. This will include things like new navigation, search, and new ways of displaying data, like historical views. We’ll also have another go at prioritising your more interesting or unique correlations, and hiding the common ones.

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Created 02 September 2017 by Josh Sharp

Moved into In progress 09 December 2017

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    James Wilcox

    I would really just like access to all my historical data, so I can compare metrics beyond just the past 30 days. More columns in the current graph with sideways scrolling would be all I need.

    Correlations are often very obvious (e.g. Your weight is higher after you get fewer steps.) and I’d prefer to be able to see trends in all metrics with all the history available.

    If I can see that my steps started declining, I ate more calories, and it was cool and rainy then it would make a lot more sense why I gained weight in the fall compared to the summer.

    23 November 2017
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    David Negrin

    Really looking forward to the Web App redesign and new features. I already like the Web App so much I use it on my mobile instead of the app.

    15 January
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    Josh Sharp

    Yeah, as part of this we’ll be working out the best way to get more stuff into the mobile apps 😊

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    Adrian Rădulescu

    Will this update include something like an interface to access old personal data?

    I don’t really see the point of editing short diary entries every day for example, if I can’t actually review them later down the line. Knowing what my thoughts were or what happened on the same day 3 years ago for example (if I do have that data in the app) would be very useful to me.

    From what I can tell, you can only see data from the last 7 days (beside the current) at any time.

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    Belle B. Cooper

    The redesign will include some historical browsing options. We also have a feature already that shows your mood from this day one year ago, once you have enough data. In future we’re thinking about making this feature work differently so you don’t need to wait a whole year to get the benefit of it.

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    Josh Sharp

    You can browse any past day from the Mood tab currently. There’s a calendar picker that lets you go back as far as you like.