Signs on graphs to denote "Lower is better" or "Higher is better"

I was wondering if some signs (like ▲▼) would help read the data that is collected instead of pure bar charts. For example waking up too many times per night is a bad sign (AFAIK) so it might help to read all the data better if a down symbol would be next to the data label or something.

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Created 18 October 2017 by Josh Sharp

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    Nice proposition helps to read data indeed!

    26 November 2017
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    Hard to pinpoint wether something is positive or negative, though. I’d rather see the user make this observation himself. Consider weight: Weight loss is something positive for (too) many people, but then there are other people who shouldn’t loose any more weight. Marking that just wouldn’t fit. That’s true form many health related items, I guess.

    10 April 2019