Unlocks and phone usage

I’ve seen that you can’t connect to apps like Instant. Why don’t you integrate a phone unlocks / usage directly in your app.

We’re spending most of our times using our smartphone, this is a major aspect that has to be track.

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Suggested 14 January 2018 by user Andrea Giuliodori

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  • 14 January 2018 Belle Cooper approved this task

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    It would be nice to tag apps so that they can be used for correlation.

    10 May 2018
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    Maybe you could integrate with Google’s Digital Wellbeing tools?

    20 July 2019
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    I’m pretty sure Google don’t make this data available unfortunately.

    21 July 2019
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    There are many apps out there that will give you these numbers. I don’t know if they track screen on or something else. This is an old answer, but it may still be correct:

    Apple makes this hard to do, though, IIRC.

    @willem: Services like rescue time will get you what you want. I don’t use them any more but they do give you a breakdown of how many times you opened which apps and how long you spent in the app and more.

    21 July 2019
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    But if they also don’t have APIs, as is the case for the vast majority, that doesn’t help us get that data either.

    22 July 2019
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    The exist native app could do this

    06 December 2019
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    You can track phone usage using RescueTime, but that doesn’t sync with

    10 December 2019
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    RescueTime mobile app already have this data, it would be great if you add few rows to current productivity list.

    09 January 2020
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    “You unlock your phone more on days tagged with ‘bored’” I think this could provide some cool insights.

    27 January 2021