Commits from Github public repos

My Github repos are public (open source) so the full commit history is available through the GitHub API without granting a scary global read/write OAuth scope.

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Suggested 14 February 2018 by user Peter Tripp

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    I’m not sure how we would determine in advance whether we’re able to use the lesser scopes. Perhaps this would require a clunky double-auth where you first connect your account and give basic permissions, then we check your repos, then we ask for extra permissions as required. That wouldn’t be a very nice experience, but it is doable I think.

    14 February 2018
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    I’m not sure exactly how you’re tracking GitHub user events, but the entirety of my commit history for all my public repos is available via the GitHub API with the anonymous (No scope) permissions. I’m aware that GitHub’s scoping leaves much to be desired, but I auth that allows full read/write to all my repos is obviously a no-go. Thanks

    15 February 2018
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    Totally understand that you don’t want to give access, not a problem. If there’s no auth required then that does make this a little easier perhaps — thanks!

    15 February 2018