Previous day activity summary (morning notification)

I would like to receive a morning notification with the result of activity for the previous day. For example, over the past day you have gone through 13,000 steps, which is so much more than the previous day and so on.

Why is it morning - then all the activity of the previous day will fall into it, and besides, there will be motivation to move more today. It is desirable that the information was in the notification itself, and it was not necessary to go into the application itself on the Android.

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Suggested 12 September 2019 by user deleted user

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  • 14 September 2019 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    There’s a limit to how much can fit into one notification, so it would probably only fit a single insight, and you’d have to open the app to view the rest on the Home tab.

    Related, perhaps you’d like to vote for this suggestion for next morning reminders if you’d prefer to review your day then.

    14 September 2019